The Anaheim Futbol Club believes in the value of sports and look to have our players become better people by learning about teamwork, commitment, overcoming obstacles and plain hard work through the game of soccer.

The Anaheim Futbol Club believes in helping each individual child reach their playing potential in an environment that is positive, supportive and develops the love of the game.


Anaheim Futbol Club is dedicated to the development of our community's youth through competitive soccer and paid professional trainers.

We are committed to a program of structured and individual skills training and team game play, including health and conditioning for each player.

Our development method is to provide each player with the physical, intellectual, and emotional training necessary to meet the challenges of competitive soccer.

Our goal is to have each player experience, individually and as a team, the commitment and dedication necessary to achieve the player and teams' fullest potential through measured growth.


Anaheim Futbol Club (Anaheim FC) is a multi-dimensional attacking minded Futbol Club. Anaheim FC is a club that wants to keep possession of the ball with a series of short passes, creating numbers up situations while also having the ability to attack with long passes if needed to take advantage of what the opponent offers to us. Defensively, all teams are a very high pressure minded group. When we lose possession, we will hunt in numbers to get the ball back immediately, while at the same time dictating a direction of play to the attacking team, ultimately locking them in and regaining possession. 


We aim to develop our players’ leadership, integrity, and teamwork in all they do.  Our goal is to have all of our players develop technical expertise, tactical awareness and respect for the game and their opponents as they progress over the years through our program.   We want our players to graduate our program with self-confidence, the ability to problem-solve, have a strong sense of competition, and develop a lifelong love of the game.  


In following the club’s mission statement:

To provide high level coaching to nurture and develop local talent through a technical and   tactical training curriculum combined with game competition at the highest level.

To staff Anaheim FC with the best and most passionate soccer coaches in the southern California area.

Anaheim FC looks for staff members that will believe-in, support and share the club’s philosophy, vision, goals and embrace our culture. 

​Anaheim FC looks for our staff to possess these key qualities when working with our teams: Inspirational, Belief, Determined and Dedicated.