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Schedule updated for January 21 , 2023 

Register for the Anaheim Cup

TEAM REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  January 3, 2023 @ 11:00 pm

Click here to REGISTER TEAM   -   Team Registration is open

Your team will not be considered for acceptance if you have not paid. 

TOURNAMENT DATES: January 14-15, 2023

U8/2015 to U10/2013 - $595
U11/2012 to U12/2011 - $695
U13/2010 to U14/2008 - $795

Late Registration: Teams applying after January 3, 2023 will be accessed an additional $75.00 and will be placed on a waiting list.


  • Payment must be made by credit card in order for your application to be considered. 
  • Completion of the registration process does not guarantee acceptance. 
  • The Anaheim Cup, while trying to be equitable in it's team selections, reserves complete jurisdiction of the teams that are selected for whatever reasoning.
  • Credit Card payments: Credit cards will be processed and charged once a team is accepted. There is a processing fee to pay by CC.  
  • Cancellation fees: No refunds will be given once your team has been accepted. 

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