Coaches/Team Manager Registration & Information

Coach/Team Manager Registration & Information

Click here to Register as a Coach/Team Manger for 2022-2023 Season

This is our first year using the new GotSport system.  Your old Got Soccer Classic Username and password will not work. 

If you already have an account with GotSport simply login with your username and password. 

If you are new to the system, do a password lookup to see if you have an account for you. 

If you don't receive login details within a few minutes, you can create a new account and register.

Your email address will be your user name, so pick an email address you will always have.

 Once you are loged in you can complete all the requirements listed below


To Register as a Team Coach you must meet the following requirements;

1. Coaching License (In-person 11v11 level at minimum)

2. Risk Management/Background Verification - Submit from within your GotSport Account

3. Safesport Trained Course Certificate

4. Heads Up/Concussion Certificate

5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certificate


To Register as a Team Manager you must meet the following requirements;

1. Risk Management/Background Verification - Submit from within your GotSport Account

2. Safesport Trained Course Certificate

3. Heads Up/Concussion Certificate

4. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certificate


SafeSport Course

New Administrators must take the first course from SafeSport called SafeSport TRAINED Course 

Returning Administrators that have taken the TRAINED course must then take the Refresher course annually, which requires the login credentials created when the individual first took the TRAINED Course.


Submitting Background-Check