Girls Teams Informarmation

We are passionate about training the young players in the area to become better soccer players, and better people for it. 

Our club teams compete in the Coast Soccer League (CSL), which prioritizes player growth above all else. When players or teams are ready, they compete in advanced leagues like the California Regional League or the Premier Division in CSL. 

We work hard to ensure a club soccer experience to Southern California youth that is second-to-none.

See the table below to view our current girls teams and their coaches/trainers.


Birth Year Age Group Team Name Program Coach/Trainer Phone Team Manager Phone
2005 U16 Anaheim FC G2005 CSL - Bronze Alfonso Bueno 714.400.1397 Roberta Wiegmann 714.351.7556
2003 U18 Anaheim FC G2003 CSL - Gold Jose Malvaez 714.875.7926 Jonathan Malvaez 714.227.3099