• At Anaheim Futbol Club, we believe in developing players to his or her full potential. Our goal is to help each athlete explore their love of the game from the recreational to professional levels of play.
  • Club/Team tryouts will be held annually and are open to all players who meet age requirements for teams in question (e.g. teams with openings). Selections will be based on technical ability first, then attitude, commitment, and willingness to be coached.
  • In addition to annual scheduled tryouts, potential players may be asked to try out for teams during nonscheduled tryout events to fill roster openings. This will be by invitation only and coaches will make final decisions based on available position and talent.
  • The coach, with the assistance of the DOC, will have reviewed, in-depth, the qualities of all players and selected those who show the most promise for a successful team. Skills and technical ability, speed, agility, endurance, and decision making are all important components of the selection process, as are commitment and coachability.



Following teams are looking for players:

Boys 2008 PDA - Discovery - NPL for 2022 - Looking for a Strong Midfielder and Striker/Forward

Contact: Bryan Aguirre 714-273-4254

Boys 2007/2006 - Flight 3 - Contact: Ricky Contreras 714-561.1442

Boys 2006 White - Flight 1 - Champions - Contact: Martin Barajas 714.467.6727

Boys 2010 & Boys 2011 - All Levels - Contact:  Anthony Prata 714.408.9679

Boys 2007 Flight 2 - Looking for 3 field players - Contact:  Gerry Kenny 714.521.8884

Boys 2007 Flight 3 - Looking for Players - Contact: Coach Chris Haugen 714.928.1527

Boys 2008 Red Flight 2 - Looking for a Goalkeeper - Contact: Miguel Flores 714.931.0593

Girls 2005 Flight 1 - Champions - Looking for a few players - Contact: Coach Jose Malvaez 714.875.7926