Boys Teams Information

Our boys program has a long history of competing at the highest levels localy, nationaly. We are passionate about training the young players in the area to become better soccer players, and better people for it. 

Our club teams compete in the Coast Soccer League (CSL), which prioritizes player growth above all else. When players or teams are ready, they compete in advanced leagues like the California Regional League or the Premier Division in CSL. 

We work hard to ensure a club soccer experience to Southern California youth that is second-to-none.

See the table below to view our current boys teams and their coaches/trainers.

2021-2022 FALL Competitive/Club Program Teams


Birth Year Age Group Team Name Program Coach/Trainer Phone Team Manager Phone
2015 U8 Anaheim FC B2015 PDA Flight 2 Gilberto Castaneda 714.881.6311 Janette Castaneda 714.552.7356
2014 U9 Anaheim FC B2014 White Flight 4 Omar Santana 714.622.8034    
2014 U9 Anaheim FC B2014 Red Flight 3 Selvin Sandoval 310.894.3418    
2014 U9 Anaheim FC B2014 Flight 3 Jose Gonzalez 909.233.0822 Lauren Schlieser 714.244.8777
2012 U11 Anaheim FC B2012 Black Flight 3 Omar Santana 714.622.8034 Gladys Villalobos 714.925.2066
2011 U12 Anaheim FC B2011 NEW     Anthony Prata 714.408.9679
2010 U13 Anaheim FC B2010 NEW     Anthony Prata 714.408.9679
2009 U14 Anaheim FC B2009 PDA Discovery - NPL Jorge Farjardo 714.471.8377 Tony Gonzalez 949.510.6836
2009 U14 Anaheim FC B2009  Discovery - NPL Rafael Valencia 714.310.0858 Maribel Valencia 714.614.2309
2009 U14 Anaheim FC B2009 Flight 1 - Champions Gregorio Aguirre 714.768.8205 Bryan Aguirre 714.273.4254
2009 U14 Anaheim FC B2009 Red Flight 2 Robert Sandoval 714.465.5759 Caitlin Evans 714.747.9379
2008 U15 Anaheim FC B2008 PDA Discovery - NPL Bryan Aguirre 714.273.4254    
2008 U15 Anaheim FC B2008 Flight 2 Jose Santana 714.622.9107 Cindy Contreras 714.423.5504
2008 U15 Anaheim FC B2008 Red Flight 2 Juan Sotelo 714.631.6550 Miguel Flores 714.931.0593
2007 U16 Anaheim FC B2007 Flight 2 Gerard Kenny 714.521.8884 Tera Jiron 714.423.0854
2007 U16 Anaheim FC B2007 Red Flight 3 Christopher Haugen 714.928.1527 Kylee Noe 714.624.4170
2006 U17 Anaheim FC B2006 Flight 3 Jose Santana 714.622.9107 Lourdes Espinoza 714.290.1274
2006 U17 Anaheim FC B2006 White Flight 1 - Champions Martin Barajas 714.467.6727 Mayte Alcala 714.900.4411
2006 U17 Anaheim FC B2006 PDA Red Discovery - NPL Selvin Sandoval 310.894.3418 Yamil Velasco 714.313.3227
2005 U18 Anaheim FC B2005 Black Flight 1 - Champions Luis Acuna 714.260.6333 Beatriz Solorzano 714.261.0586
2004 U19 Anaheim FC B2004 Black Flight 1 - Europa Steve Cervantes 714.247.9051 Veronica Cervantes 714.247.9053