team checkin info

All teams are required to check-in the team's credentials. Failure to check in properly will drop your team from the tournament and you will forfeit the entire entry fee.

MANDATORY TEAM CREDENTIALS Check-in will be held on Saturday Morning August 13, 2022 at least 60 minutes before each team's first game.

A team representative should arrive at the fields Marshal tent, with all the required paper work. PLAYERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE PRESENT. Please don't be late.

In order to successfully check-in your team, please bring the following:


Your team roster needs to be completely filled out and signed by the Team Administrator. Please complete the online Roster to include: Player Name, Birthday, ID Number & Jersey Number.

You will need to PRINT and BRING your Gotsoccer Team Roster Important... PRINT your Team Roster and BRING it to the Check-in on Saturday morning August 13, 2022.

Player roster must be completed by Wednesday August 11.

The Roster Freeze is on Saturday, August 14, 2021, when you turn in your roster to the tournament official at the Check in.

GOTSOCCER: To access your team account

Player ID Cards need to be ALL from the same National Association.

1. US Youth Soccer-Cal South and/or other US Youth Soccer State Associations

2. US Club Soccer



Player ID CARDS cannot be mixed. This includes guest players.

If you have guest players that needs an ID Card for one the National Associations - US Youth Soccer- Cal South, US Club Soccer, AYSO or USSSA, contact your Club/Organization Registrar and ask them to Register the player in the National Association the Club is an Affiliate/Member with.

This is a tournament sanctioning rule and has to do with insurance. It is not just a Summer Showcase rule. 

Laminated Player Pass (ID cards) for each player on your team's Roster (2021-2022 Season and/or 2022-2023 Season)